Need some visuals? These pictures are from my  published posts, click the links to see the other photos in the post of your choice.

My shop tour!

Go on, take a look around.

My Final project:

My Final project from woodworking school – finally revealed

Hall Table / Laptop Desk

This is my first design. It’s a hall table, but can also be a Laptop Desk. I made sure it would also fit behind a standard couch. Made out of Maple and Walnut.

My class exhibition (vernissage as I call it…)

Vernissage- all the final projects at the exhibition

The egg is made of face laminated plywood, and was then attached to a stump with a large dowel

Projects from woodworking school

The first installment

Our first glue up!

Projects from woodworking school…

The second installment 

The finished product.

Projects from woodworking school…

The third installment.

Since we had several vocational programs running in our school, we got to collaborate with the finishers on what finish we wanted for our respective tables. I chose oil and lacquer. I want to see the cherry age naturally.

My Saw Stop review

I also include “details to know before buying”

It’s a 10″ Professional Cabinet Saw 1.75hp

Reclaimed wood… in the works

Some tables I’m making of reclaimed wood.

This turned out to be my favourite design, can’t wait for it to come together.

Tool Crazy… and I know it

Tools, and thoughts on tool addictions

I’ll update you on how this kit performs.

A Review of the Rockler Dust Right quick release hose and fittings…

A fine product.

Tape measure trick…

Magnets are your friend.

Shop furniture and fixtures

I made some improvements to the shop.

My shop christening project:

It was time to build something after all the fussing over my shop!

A weekend project…

The first mock up.

I might cut the legs with tapers or some other design, I have yet to decide. It took me three hours to get to this point.

And the weekend project

wrap up post.

Shop Layout Extravaganza:

This was the space I’d originally been considering for my shop. I planned out how I would use it- then found out I’d have to use another space after all.

Shop layout illustrated- Google Sketch-Up will blow your mind!

The shop layout as is. That’s not a mistake, there are multiple BBQ’s and bikes…

First post- the off-cuts are taking over!

There are off-cuts under the bed


3 Responses to “Gallery”

  1. Megan Rain April 5, 2012 at 1:25 pm #

    Sam, I don’t know if I told you but my Dad was an active woodworker. He made all the shelves and more around our house. He isn’t doing it much anymore, cause his shop is up a hillside, and he’s almost 88. But, I sent him a link to your blog which I think he’ll enjoy. Every Thursday night, while the rest of our family was at choir practice (I am the youngest) he and I would go to the store to look at power tools! xoxoxoMegan

    • Warped Boards April 6, 2012 at 12:05 am #

      That’s hilarious! I will also probably be ogling tools at 88 years of age. Who knew?!

  2. Fr. Thomas Bailey, OSB March 30, 2014 at 7:12 pm #

    I found the egg particularly fascinating. It’s one of those project that makes me just want to touch it and look at how you put it together. I’ve been looking more and more at laminated plywood projects but am looking for the right project to try it on. Very nice and thanks for sharing.

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