My Final Project from woodworking school- finally revealed!

27 Jan

I thought now would be a good time to show you my Final Project from woodworking school. I worked for 11 months with very little creative freedom. Most of our projects had strict parameters.

Well not so with the last month of the woodworking course, I had the option of building from existing plans or going for an original design. I chose the latter. I was busting to finally have shop time to create something I could be proud of and had complete creative freedom over! In class we had recently learnt how to use Google SketchUp (a free designing utility) and so I was off to the races. Here’s my attempt at rendering my design on SketchUp:

Don't mind those side panels, I couldn't scale them up properly.

And here it is in reality:

Hall Table / Laptop Desk

It's a hall table, but can also be a laptop desk. I made sure it would also fit behind a standard couch. It's made out of maple and walnut.

I finished it with lacquer, and luckily had access to the spray booths and equipment at school.

And now for the details:

I added butterfly joints for design reasons, but they're still inlaid 1/4" deep! I'll get a wax stick for that little imperfection- no worries!

These are not plugged screws. I ran dados in the legs to hold the shelf up securely, then used a dowelling jig to insert 2" long walnut dowels through the leg to the shelf. Each leg attaches to a walnut apron above with two vertical dowels.

The walnut apron is topped with a sliding dovetail that was slid into the underside of the table top. The apron is pegged in the middle to the top. I plugged the overhang portion of the slot and left a 1/8" space between the plug and the slide for wood movement.

For the back panel I cut mortises into both the back rail and the underside of the shelf, each tenon has 1/8" on either side of it inside the mortises to allow for wood movement. To keep the panel in place as this is a dry joint I pegged the tenons and glued those pegs in.

There are through tenons that pass through the legs into the side rails. They're solid walnut.

The drawer simply rides against a guide which is screwed into the top with elongated holes. The guides fit into dados made into the top.

Both heron panels were cut stuck together on the scroll saw. I ran stopped grooves(at different heights) along the insides of each leg to fit the panels.

The drawers were made with a simple locking joint. I wedged a dowel into the underside of the table top to act as a drawer stop.

Last but not least I designed the table to look appealing from all angles in case the owner didn't keep it butted against a wall.

And this completes the tour of my final project. Hope you enjoyed it!

I plan to post photos of my Vernissage soon, to share with you all of the final projects from my class.

Stay tuned!

4 Responses to “My Final Project from woodworking school- finally revealed!”

  1. Katie January 27, 2011 at 8:45 am #

    Wow Sam! The final product looks beautiful! Good luck with the beginning of your internship! Katie

  2. Olly Parry-Jones January 27, 2011 at 3:15 pm #

    I really like some of the details on show here and, it looks like you’ve learnt an awful lot and have developed some serious skills on your course. Love the subtle use of contrasting timbers and the scroll work.

    Very well done! šŸ™‚

  3. Todd A. Clippinger June 18, 2012 at 6:49 am #

    Wow! Really nice design and well executed.

    You got to attend a woodworking school, I am a bit jealous;)

    • Warped Boards June 18, 2012 at 10:23 am #

      Thanks Todd! No need to be jealous, in woodworking everything can be learned outside of school- it just takes longer I imagine. I’m sure you have the foundation of knowledge (plus much much more than I have) that was just acquired in a different manner. Thanks for reading my blog!

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