22 Mar

And then there was NO snow…

The weather has been a bit distracting of late! Spring is here, and what a quick transformation, it’s quite exciting. We have skipped right on to shorts weather somehow– for this week at least. I’ve been so busy planning seedlings, taking out the bicycles,  washing all the road salt off my car, and putting away all signs of winter. I have however been keeping up on reading woodworking blogs- gotta get a fix. And I’ve had a daydream or two about new tools…

Road block…

As I’m adjusting to my new work schedule, I haven’t gone to the shop very often. And when I did go to the shop recently, I was very frustrated  because I wasn’t able to cut my table parts to length. I think my table saw blade is out of alignment with the cast iron table, so now I need to research how to solve the problem. It seems I can’t get a reliable cut off my miter saw either- I think I need a new blade in that case. I realize now that being a woodworker also entails a lot of machine tune ups and other such problem solving. I’ll let you know what the real culprits are that are keeping my crosscuts out of square.

The working world…

I’ve been fussing about my performance at work. As with any new job I start, I want to impress, but I can only do quality work if I take the time. So I take the time, and wonder if speed matters more than people let on. I tell myself many things to sooth my fears, but to be honest it’s hard to quash them. Yesterday my supervisor and the shop manager came over and looked at the “chart” that I tick tasks off of as I go. I had exceeded the time estimated for each task. They talked a while and I wondered if they would ask me to pick up the pace. They didn’t say anything to me, which only let me assume the worst. It weighed on my mind. Needless to say I was surprised today, when I got publicly praised for my work by said supervisor during his daily updates to the group of people I work with. I guess things are going well after all.

Coming up as soon as this good weather changes… I’m going to post about my Saw Stop and some of it’s features

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