Fixing an outdoor lounge chair

27 May

I recently bought a second hand patio set made of wood. The lounge chair was thrown in for free as the glue joints had failed and the chair had basically disassembled itself. So I loaded all the pieces into my car and salivated over the prospect of not only getting the chair for free but a new project to work on! Here is a video of how the glue up went.


The cutting board wrap up video is in!

30 Mar

Get it’s while it’s hot! The video is fresh off my computer!

I think this is the most comprehensive video I’ve put out yet, so why don’t you sit back and enjoy this cutting board build with me! It’s a whirl wind of gluing, planing, sanding and routing. But hold onto your hats for the final reveal! Is that too much hype? Probably. But go on, take a look anyway.


Getting all of the cutting board pieces to fall in line

20 Mar

This episode is all about getting prepared for the big glue up. I wanted my pieces to all behave predictably, so I needed a way to align them all. Decisions were made, and carried out, and in the next video I will wrap up the cutting board once and for all!


Shop Tour- the home edition!

11 Mar

Here is an official tour of my shop space at home. It is tiny (7’x11′), which makes my real shop (8’x16′) seem ginormous! I wonder how small you can go in terms of shop space! If anything I am realizing that if there’s a will there’s a way to fit woodworking tools into a space and make sawdust.

Oh and I definitely promise to pay better attention to the lighting in future videos.

Stay tuned for more videos on my woodworking experience. And more immediately stay tuned for more on the cutting board I’m working on.


Progress on the cutting board!

27 Feb

I may not have had time to film while I was dimensioning my stock for the cutting board, but I put together a video that goes over the photos and a small clip at the end explaining where I am headed next with the project.


Back in the shop! Woot

19 Feb

Discussing the projects at hand- a cutting-board and a sword handle(?!)

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