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There Are Offcuts Under The Bed

16 Jan
Twelve months ago I started a woodworking course. Now I’m freshly out and hunting down an apprenticeship or two. I find myself looking for a larger woodworking community to bond with and so I turned to the inter-webs. I also wanted to share what my year one  and on of woodworking is going to be like. I’m looking forward to having consensual shop talk- enough with the glazed over eyes of loved ones!
Topics in line for the immediate or not so immediate future:
  • some back story (no tissues needed, no worries)
  • my final project (aka first original piece designed & built)
  • what woodworking school was like
  • the safety lessons learned
  • the projects we covered and why you should care
  • how the apprenticeship is going (starts feb 4th, lasts 6 weeks)
  • ok so… I have this shop space…(getting it cleaned out & ready for action)
  • finding work in the industry to raise funds and add to experience
  • rewiring, adding dust collection and lighting to the shop
  • what it will take to start a business (the ultimate goal for this woodworker)
So- let’s get started!


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