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Norm Abram and his dadoes…

19 Mar

I’ve been watching a lot of New Yankee Workshop of late. The show is addictive. I admit I really only watched it back in the day, so I have tons to catch up on. Lucky for me! I would LOVE to own the complete series, but it costs 3K. All of us Norm lovers should get together and find a way to get a box set in production for the average consumer’s budget.¬† I think if it was available it would fly off the shelves. After rekindling my love for the show decades later, I also found a second New Yankee workshop book at a thrift shop to add to my library;


if you’re interested this is the first book I acquired a year or so ago:


All this to say- I’ve been watching Norm work away and I noticed that dadoes are a favourite of his. And I can’t fault him on that, dadoes and grooves are very useful in so many situations. I’d actually like to incorporate more of them into my projects. Usually I’d use a router, simply because I don’t yet own a dado set. But I have to admit I envy the simplicity of dadoing on the table saw and I recall how useful dado sets were during my schooling. I think a dado stack is in my near future. But of course because I have a SawStop I also have to factor in the cost of a dado brake cartridge and a zero clearance insert. It will be a costly addition to the shop, but I’m certain I won’t regret it. Now the question is which dado set should I go with? I want to make sure I have a good set that doesn’t leave steps in the cut, or tears through the cut resulting in excessive blow out.¬† Anyone know of a reliable set for clean flat-bottomed¬† dado cuts?

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