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A daunting task- time to start my job search.

9 Mar

A lot has happened in recent weeks. All very relevant to my woodworking career goals. I’m almost to the five week mark in my apprenticeship, with only one more week left after that! With such little time left, I’ve been hastily putting my efforts towards my job search.

It’s always shocking when a far off date finally rounds a bend in your reality and suddenly NOW is go time. Since I decided I’d like to build funds and experience before starting my own business, I need to find a woodworking related job. I’ve been a little disappointed thus far in my search. I was hoping to find something  related to my utlimate shop setup. I may need to compromise depending on what’s available right now. Timing is everything!

So far I’ve asked Tim if he knows of anybody that is hiring, and contacted my school for any juicy job leads. The school yielded one, which I’ve applied to. I found  and applied to another interesting position listed on a government job bank website.

Next I need to spread the word to my friends and family that I’m actively looking. The search continues!

I accidentally deleted a fully written post recently. I have yet to re-write it- but soon there will be a second installment of lessons from woodworking school. I’ll also no doubt relay the highlights of my apprenticeship, and check in with job search details.

I also have pretty substantial changes in plans for the shop as it turns out. A family meeting about the (family) shop space kind of put a kink in my plans. More on that soon!

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