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The toy chest is done!

24 Aug

I’ve had this post waiting for a while- but here it finally is! I finished this project just before my vacation so that I could leave with a clear conscience (so this was delivered roughly 5 weeks ago). I know this toy chest is not ground breaking in any way, and for good reason, I was keeping the design simple so as to complete the project relatively quickly and without spending a dime- the entire thing is made of wood I’d salvaged. I donated my time and skill towards this birthday gift for my nephew.

I put on a first coat of finish, then scuff sanded with 320grit sandpaper once it had cured.

Then I followed with a second coat of finish. The finish is still wet on the top of the toy chest lid here. I have it propped open with a finishing pyramid so that the finish will not glue the lid shut!

After finishing the outside of the chest I added the hinges and a chain to limit the travel of the lid.

And finally here is the toy chest in it’s new home…

Now this toy chest is happily in it’s new home.

Where my nephew can enjoy it. As I mentioned in an earlier post I need to add a soft close piston because my nephew loves the chest so much that he opens and closes it repeatedly and sometimes on his fingers. Time to child proof. You’ll notice that in this photo my sister turned the chest around so that the hinges face him and he can’t open it!

Stay tuned for a post on my favourite woodworking books!

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