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Time flies when you’re… marking out joints

22 Aug

I had some time in the shop a few days ago. I was a bit disappointed that I only got four joints marked out. One table down, two still left to go! I guess this may have gone faster if my sketchup drawing was a little more detailed- either way I probably would have spent the same amount of time figuring out which joints to use and how large to make them. I guestimated lengths of stretchers when I milled my parts, so I have enough room to cut my tenons . Aside from tenons I’ll also be using dowels for some of the joints.

I don’t seem to have a very organized way of marking down dimensions… there must be some short-circuit in my brain. But it works for me.

I of course needed to confer with my sidekick a lot to figure out joint locations… I was dealing with 64ths.

I laid out my tenons…

And my mortises– for one table. Harumph, oh well, it should go faster the next time around.

These joints made me long for this tape measure. Finding the center without calculating is really a time saver. I know there are simple jigs for this purpose, but the ones I’ve heard of use pencils to mark the center, and I find that too thick of a line to be very accurate.

I may have just gotten a lot busier. I seem to have three possible commissions, two woodworking related, and one will be a painting. So priorities will be made, and unfortunately these tables might go back into the pile of neglect from whence they came.  In any case I’ll be sure to post on them again when I get to them- and in the mean time I’ll post about the new projects- as soon as they properly materialize.

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