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The cutting board wrap up video is in!

30 Mar

Get it’s while it’s hot! The video is fresh off my computer!

I think this is the most comprehensive video I’ve put out yet, so why don’t you sit back and enjoy this cutting board build with me! It’s a whirl wind of gluing, planing, sanding and routing. But hold onto your hats for the final reveal! Is that too much hype? Probably. But go on, take a look anyway.


Getting all of the cutting board pieces to fall in line

20 Mar

This episode is all about getting prepared for the big glue up. I wanted my pieces to all behave predictably, so I needed a way to align them all. Decisions were made, and carried out, and in the next video I will wrap up the cutting board once and for all!


Progress on the cutting board!

27 Feb

I may not have had time to film while I was dimensioning my stock for the cutting board, but I put together a video that goes over the photos and a small clip at the end explaining where I am headed next with the project.


Back in the shop! Woot

19 Feb

Discussing the projects at hand- a cutting-board and a sword handle(?!)

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