The future looks bright… and clear

1 Aug

So while the dust in my shop has had time to settle, I’ve been making progress in other areas.  As I may have mentioned, I was planning a move sometime soon- well those plans have solidified and  I now know when and where I’m moving to. While I originally had lofty dreams of a new home-shop I tuned into the reality that I wasn’t quite ready to buy a house yet! I also soon realised that most of the apartments that had a one car garage or an unfinished basement were also out of my price range or just located too far from where I wanted to live.

What I did get was an apartment with a small spare room that will be my shop away from my shop. I at least succeeded in swinging some kind of work space! Since it’s an apartment and noise will be a factor I will bring mostly hand tools and perhaps a scroll saw and drill press to this mini shop. Since I still have my real shop I can machine parts on weekends and then refine them at home. I think this will help prevent my projects from dragging on as long as they do. The move will happen in September. One short month away. I plan to post some pics of the room as it takes shape. But first will be a lot of packing, and paint swatches etc..

In other news I summoned all my courage and had Lasik surgery done last week. I was pretty terrified but everything went as planned and my eyes are presently healing up nicely. I can now see 20/20 without glasses through the miracle of science. I feel like a new person. I look forward to getting rid of my prescription safety glasses which btw did not protect my eyes from countless encounters with saw dust.  As a bonus for my woodworking, everything now appears much closer and larger than when I wore glasses- which I can only think will help when cutting to a line.

I visited my shop earlier today. The place fills me both with guilt and contentment. I feel guilty when I think of how seldom I visit it these days, and then there’s just a wave of contentment that fills me when I enter it and am surrounded by the tools of my craft. It’s like a drug. I can’t wait  to have that feeling in my own home- whenever I please. While I don’t plan on getting much woodworking done until I have my new apartment all set up (probably by October) I am working to maintain the grounds my shop lives on. You see there’s a carpenter ant problem in my shop, and while I became aware of it a year or so ago, I wasn’t able to rid the food source before winter fell. So once spring came around I set to ridding the property of rotting wood which is what these ants are drawn to.  Thankfully the garbage men don’t mind hauling this stuff away, so I’ve been curbing it in batches. I’m about 70% done now so I feel like there is an end in sight.  Unfortunately part of this removal operation will include dismantling a camper that is rotting away on the property. I started on that today by taking out countless screws from the siding. Tomorrow I plan to  take a crowbar to the interior . I’ll probably take the camera along as witness. Wish me luck!

3 Responses to “The future looks bright… and clear”

  1. Art Watson August 2, 2013 at 6:52 am #

    Wishing you luck, but with your vision, patience and persistence, I don’t think you’ll need much of it!

  2. Megan Rain August 2, 2013 at 11:35 am #

    I’m so interested to hear of your move! I liked picturing you in a place we’d seen…I guess a future trip is indicated to be able visualize the new space, and maybe a visit to the shop as well. I have moved my tools of the trade into our new house after a separation of more than a year. Just knowing that my sewing machines are set up, and I can pop in and work on a project for 10 minutes (or hours) is comforting. I’ll never again store them so carelessly. The dust I’ve extracted is scary, but they are working beautifully.

  3. Olly Parry-Jones August 9, 2013 at 4:52 pm #

    I’m also planning on a move sometime this year but I’m glad to hear that your own intentions are concrete and I wish you all the very best in your future setup with the work-room. 🙂

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