Sanding is in my future… sanding with ease

5 Sep

My new purchases arrived. I can’t wait to get this sander fired up!

Here is the complete vibration control ROS kit. It comes with an extra handle to mount to the front (which I added on right away), a 5″ & 6″ disc, a dust canister and a vacuum adapter. And a token sanding disc in each size if you wanted to make dust right out of the box.

I turned it on and ran the speed high and low to see the difference and was quite impressed with the range. I have yet to test it on wood, but I will report back after several uses to make sure I have a good idea of how it performs.

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, I bought this sander after much research. The vibration control being the main selling point for me and my achy joints. I also hadn’t heard of ROS having multiple disc sizes so that won me over even more. It was a costly affair at $289 but one that I feel will be paying my joints dividends for many years. I’ve suffered enough with other professional grade sanders used in industry to know that this is a tool I did NOT want to skimp on.

One last detail…
The only thing left to research after I’d locked in my ROS choice, were sanding discs. I turned to my online fount of knowledge for more guidance.  My subscription to FWW online has been an incredible value. They have unbiased reviews of all kinds of tools in their database. I always turn to FWW for tool reviews and the like. As luck would have it, they just so happened to have a review on sanding discs for Random Orbit Sanders.

The results were surprising! The discs I’d used in both of my workplaces rated good on the chart, but a disc that I’d never heard of that was priced lower than the more popular brands rated the best! I re-read the results to be sure and then began my search for discs that were rated as best value, and best overall performers: Klingspor VD900 (also identified PS33)

I heard that some woodcraft stores sell Klingspor, but I don’t live near a woodcraft store. I also know from previous visits that I hadn’t seen Klingspor brand discs at my local woodworking stores. So I looked a while longer on the internet and found that Klingspor sells directly through their “Woodworking Shop” store!  The thing to note is that not all of the Klinspor discs rated the same in the FWW review, so only buy the grey coloured discs that are marked ps33 and/or  VD900 if you’re in the market for discs that last.

I opted for 50 disc combo packs in both the 5″ and 6″ sizes. They include 10 discs of 5 different grits, 60,80,100,120,150. Then I threw in some clearance discs that probably don’t have the same performance rating but for about $8 for 50 discs I thought I’d run the risk and cover my grits at the same time, I got 240, and 320.

I also threw in a sanding block with hook & loop that would fit the 6″ discs…

… and a hand sanding pad with hook & loop that would fit the 5″ discs

I look forward to testing out the discs along with my new sander- probably the first time I’ve ever looked forward to sanding!

2 Responses to “Sanding is in my future… sanding with ease”

  1. ChrisHasFlair September 5, 2012 at 2:24 am #


    I’m interested to hear your thoughts after some serious use. I tried the sander at a show and found that there was a significant amount of vibration when it use at low speed, but noticeably less at high speed. Overall, the profile is rather tall, like the Festool sanders which makes them harder to use on non-horizontal surfaces.

    Will you be using it with the dust collection canister or a dust extractor?


    • Warped Boards September 5, 2012 at 9:59 am #

      It really is a high profile- I intend to sand horizontal surfaces 99% of the time. I think I’ll try the canister before ruling it out- it apparently captures 91% of dust, and the vacuum captures 92% (according to FWW). I like the idea of not being tethered to a hose, and the vac wouldn’t be adding to the noise. I’ll post an update in a few months!

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