Vacation withdrawal…

8 Aug

Three nights ago I returned from vacation. I scheduled a post to be published during my absence so that I wouldn’t have too much dead air around my blog- thanks for reading!

I will take a moment to digress here…I received a comment about my last post that I would like to address. I do seem to dance around the topic of what it is I actually DO at my job. The truth is that it’s hard to describe! Also I am not clear on how much I can actually disclose about the building methods we use to create the cabinetry in private jets. Getting pictures to show here could also prove problematic. But I will put some feelers out and see what I can do about a post dedicated to aerospace work and what it entails.

Now, back to my two blissful weeks of vacation! Here are some photos of some of my vacation activities… in beautiful Colorado!

There were many day hikes…

… with views

… and with weathered wooden bridges

The rain would come every afternoon- so early hikes were a good idea.

The hummingbirds held fierce duelling matches to drink at the feeder. I was sad that the olympics coincided with my being away from a tv or internet connection-  these little birds were IT in terms of watching competitions.

I was sitting in the living room reading one day and noticed something delightful about this coffee table…

… the stretcher of the table had birdseye maple on one end. I always marvel at these sightings of highly sought after figured woods that pop up as inconsequential. I’ve seen random strips of flame maple in flooring, chopping boards, dining room tables, and just yesterday I noticed someone had made some LARGE cauls at work out of birdseye maple.

The main entrance to the cabin needed some beefing up/ weather proofing.

Time to fill in the gap!

A new threshold and a new door sweep and we were back in business.

This new to us table was acquired and it was decided that it should be stripped of paint- an afternoon project right? Wrong. It took two days.

Four or five layers of paint later, we discovered that the table was painted for a reason…

Fair enough- it will get painted again. But there was a limit to how much vacation time could be spent on this table, so it promptly filled it’s roll as a game table.

Next up I attended my first rodeo!

Unfortunately during our hikes there were substantial sections of forest affected by spruce beetles.

Loads of trees are still standing but lifeless. Sections of forest seemed a bit treacherous to hike through with felled trees across the path left right and center and ominous creaks from those about to fall.

Here’s a look at how many trees were affected in one area. Evergreens should never look like this!

This hike had terrifying  steep drop offs that were not to my liking. But darn those views… they were worth it.

If this “smile” looks tight lipped, it’s because I’m thinking about the hike back DOWN the path with sheer drop offs AND storm clouds are rolling in.

As was the case on most of our hikes,we managed to only catch the beginning of the rain before hopping back into the car and heading back to the cabin.

A trip into the city was made to do some thrift shopping. High on my list of things to look for while thrifting are books on woodworking of course! Here are my finds…
Though I have most of the fundamentals covered by now, this book had a few ideas I hadn’t heard of and has some machine tuning info in it that I find valuable.

I like the clean lines of the furniture pictured in this book so I figured it’d be a good addition to my library.

And finally I found this awesome book on traditional wood carving. I’m very interested in practising wood carving so this will come in handy. I paid $6 for all three books!

Many hikes were had, many novels read…

…many games were played, many outings were made…

…and yes even woodworking factored into my vacation… and it was lovely.

Vacation withdrawal aside, I’m pretty happy to be back home and I will be happily reunited with my shop soon- I think.


One Response to “Vacation withdrawal…”

  1. Martha Black August 11, 2012 at 9:45 am #

    I’m suffering from VW too! Loved this post. Miss you both.

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