New life from old wood… the toy chest gets glued up!

3 Jul

Last time when I left off with the toy chest, I’d fitted all of the parts, and was then ready for sanding/gluing/finishing. I had a few weeks of distractions in between, but progress was made this weekend in the shop.

I finally began sanding today. After about an hour I had dust everywhere and stopped to assess the situation.  I found a way to adapt the port on the sander to fit my shop vac hose. So. Much. Better!

Once all the pieces were properly sanded I started by gluing up the base of the toy chest. I assembled it on top of the flat surface of my table saw to make certain the base sat perfectly flat.

Surprisingly the glue up went well for the rest of the chest. It’s a good thing I remembered to measure both diagonals to check for square because I needed to make adjustments.

The front and back of the toy chest is made of a re-purposed closet door. The door had an amber finish on it, I sanded away most of the finish but still need to get around the raised panels- not looking forward to that.

The front and back of the chest are comprised of  re-purposed closet doors which are made of douglas fir and some other softwood. The parts I built around these  are made of pine, I’m hoping the contrast won’t be too jarring. As it is the closet doors have an annoying juxtaposition of dark wood laminated with a lighter wood. I certainly wouldn’t have chosen to glue contrasting boards together like that, but  seeing as this was a project all about recycling and re-purposing wood, I decided it wasn’t the end of the world. The bottom of the toy chest is also made with wood I found on a curb. The remaining parts of the toy chest I made from pine that was originally intended for a home reno project that got abandoned. I’m going to use the hinges that I salvaged from the closet doors.

So next session I’ll probably be sanding the remaining amber finish off, installing the hinges, and soon the finish will also be done.

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