Free shipping… damn you!

17 Jun

I’ve been noticing some holes in my tool collection and supplies while working on recent projects. I decided that I definitely need some more clamps. I think I’ve settled on Bessey revo K-body Jr‘s for that. I also decided that some professional grade chisels would go a long ways to improving my quality of life in the shop. After some research I’ve decided to go with Lie Nielsen chisels. The hard A2 steel and socket design(which prevents the handles from splitting after a pounding), and the low profile sides (perfect for working on dovetails) were key factors, but what cinched it for me was that Lie Nielsen’s set has true imperial measurements.  I noticed though that there are no savings if you get a set, so I’ll probably get them individually. I was fixing to purchase clamps or chisels next…

Then Lee Valley came along and foiled my plans by announcing free shipping on orders over $40. I’d been waiting for just such an occasion to make some purchases from them.  This round of tool buying felt a little bit like a game of rock paper scissors. Lee Valley won this round, but most likely won’t win the next.

Welcome home, welcome home.

24 lil’ blades. I plan to test out some maquetry on my scroll saw so I got some skip tooth 2/0 blades. For versatility sake I bought some spiral blades for the scroll saw as they cut with any feed direction.

To carry out said marquetry trials, I threw in some veneer tape so that I can properly assemble my pieces.

I’ve been longing for this saw- oh the dowels I’ve attempted to cut flush with a surface… the horrors. I have some peace now that this lives on my peg board.

My trim router badly needed this 1/4″ up cut spiral bit. I’ll use it to waste out material for inlays and possibly for mortising or grooves on the router table.

I have a tiny inventory of files and NO file brush. In an effort to save money I opted for a file/rasp in one.  I’m not sure I made the right choice- it seems very small, I’d have to use very short strokes. I guess I’ll find out once I use it. The file brush was an excellent value though- better than the ones at work even!

Lee Valley claims that this Norton water stone sharpens A2 steel noticeably faster than some other water stones. I bought a 220/1000 grit stone. I have a 4000 stone already.

The stanley planes I own have a thin film of rust on them. I wanted something a little gentler than the (rust-free)product I own to take care of that.

This little kit will serve me well! I have many more jigs and fixtures to make for the shop and I sure as heck don’t want to drop everything to go buy hardware every time I need to slap a jig together.

Looking forward to trying this out on some tables I’m making.

I confess that I had about ten other items if not more that I removed from my basket before checking out. Lee Valley is dangerous. Dangerous. That’s right I said it twice- you can thank their affiliation with Veritas for that.

Next I’ll post an update on other things going on in the shop. Thanks for reading,  happy tool purchasing- I mean happy woodworking.

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