The toy chest has a base…

11 Jun

This week I didn’t get much time in at the shop, but I made it count when I was there.

Next up I milled some braces for the underside of the chest lid. I just eyeballed the size and location. They are  insurance in case the chest is used to stand on or sit on.

Slots were a must as the wood moves through the seasons.

I added some washers for good measure- the pine is pretty soft.

I decided the chest looked “unfinished” without feet so I cut up some more stock that I had on hand.

I looked at pictures of chests online and decided all of the feet were either too ornate or didn’t fit with the existing elements of my toy chest. So I reflected the scallop detail in the panels.

The scroll saw was perfect for this task as it only required very minor clean up on the straight runs with a plane afterwards.

I could have gotten fancy here but I didn’t, no miters, no mortise and tenons. I need to get ‘er done now.

The dry assembly of the base

Finally, here is the chest all together. I still have to add hinges, which I’ve started installing, sand, glue-up, and finish the entire thing- but I’m that much closer now!

Hopefully I’ll get a day and a half at the shop this week and will be able to wrap up the project and put a little bow on it.


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