Toy chest… finishing line in sight!

2 Jun

Picking up where I left off last time… I needed to right some wrongs.

First off I fixed my mistakes from last session. I re-cut my side panels to have the grain wrap around the chest.

The next correction was to cut longer tenons for my now shorter sides. I established the shoulders by cutting them on the table saw and then cut the cheeks of the tenon on the bandsaw.

I then cut some grooves into my panels and rails.

I routed the panels to fit the grooves.

And made a little template to better transfer the existing panel detail to my freshly milled panels.

I routed out the notches free hand to my line- I was going to use the router with the template I made but the only template bit I had was too long. I tried raising the template with another thickness of sheet stock, but that was then too thick!

Although it’s pretty much a woodworking LAW to cut mortises before tenons- I was winging this project and had a much better idea of the tenons before I’d fully thought of the placement of the mortises so I went with it. That said I probably won’t break the law again soon.

I drilled the mortises and then chopped them square with chisels.

You know you’re a woodworker when you stop to oh and ah over plane shavings in the middle of a build. Each as unique as a snowflake… sweet serenity… where was I?

I packed it in for this session after fitting four tenons…

The next morning before work I fitted the other four tenons and tweaked the fit. Here is the dry fit before I rounded over the edges for the top. I’m not sure what the feet will look like yet or if I want any at all.

I was pleased with my progress, now I at least have some photos to show at my nephew’s first birthday- technically this will be a late gift- but it’s a tangible-late gift and will get the finishing touches soon! And then I’ll be back to building some cherry tables for my portfolio.


2 Responses to “Toy chest… finishing line in sight!”

  1. Jim June 2, 2012 at 9:03 am #

    Sam, it’s so much fun to see this come together! Thanks for sharing. Love, Jim

  2. Megan Rain June 2, 2012 at 11:00 am #

    I want to play with you wood curls! They look so soft. Megan

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