Progress on the toy chest…

29 May

I’m under the gun. I want to get the majority of this toy chest built before Saturday. When my nephew’s 1st birthday party will take place.

I started yesterday. I would have started the project earlier, but it seemed that I always had a large to-do list that got in the way. I’m going to visit my shop two mornings this week before work to try to get as far as I can.

I cut some closet doors in half, then trimmed them. These panels will be re-purposed as the front and back of the chest.

I laminated two boards together for the top, bottom and side panels.

Marking the boards helped me stay organized.

I discovered that I really need to buy more clamps. I had to wait for each glue up to set before starting the next- with the same clamps.

Once I scraped off the glue, I ripped the panels…

… and x-cut the panels that made up the top, bottom and sides of the chest.

Next I milled up some rails and cut tenons on them.

I messed up two things by this point. I’d oriented the grain on the side panels up and down instead of across. And I accidentally cut my rails shorter, so now I have short tenons. I might just make the chest narrower,  by turning the grain the correct way and cutting the panel down a bit and then cut the tenons longer on these- or I might make new rails.

I think I’ll go with the former. The grain direction bothers me. I would rather it wrap around the chest as originally planned.

Next session I’ll be correcting my mistakes and I’ll cut the rest of the joinery and round overs. Hopefully by the third session I’ll be gluing up and installing the hinge.

Thanks for reading! I’ll update soon on this project.

After this project I’ll be working on my tables made of reclaimed wood. Now that my cross cuts are calibrated, those projects can move forward. I’ll also be posting info on my possible commission as the news breaks. So far I’m not even sure if the project will go ahead. Talks are ongoing.


2 Responses to “Progress on the toy chest…”

  1. Megan Rain May 29, 2012 at 7:50 am #

    Sam, I love reading your posts! It reminds me of hundreds of hours spent with my Dad in his shop-catching wood as it came out of the planer. xoxoxMegan

  2. Christine May 29, 2012 at 8:00 am #

    Looks great Sam! I think as a general rule, you can never have enough clamps!

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