Table saw…check!

15 May

In previous ruminations and blog posts I’d decided to start using whatever tools I have to start woodworking. My opinion on the matter has changed, for many reasons. For one my shop space has been tied up for longer than I expected, not allowing me to just START with said tools. Both spaces I was considering for my shop are now filled with storage. Second was that I received a sizable tax refund. Another reason was that I took a close look at the old table saw available to me- it didn’t have a powerful enough motor (1/2 HP) and had a terrible fence that would need replacing, it also lacked guards, and a safety switch. I looked into replacing the fence and decided it would be more cost effective to just get a used table saw with better features altogether.

This started the hunt for a table saw. The used table saw market here in spring is killer. I did not fair well. I found great deals, and they would all elude me. Someone always got there first. I had my heart literally broken over “the one that got away”. I called to inquire and it was gone. I ended my search abruptly after going out to see what turned out to be a dud-of- all-duds table saw. The man selling the saw lied to me,  the saw was rusty, there were missing parts, and there were words carved  into the cast iron top! Immediately after this disheartening field trip, in a moment of weakness or maybe a moment of genius- I’m still not decided- I headed over to a familiar retail store  to moon over my dream saw. I’d visited about a month before when there’d been a tool show at the store and it had been love at first sight. It didn’t take more than half an hour and a little prodding from a family member and a sales rep and I’d bought the thing.

And so ends and begins the tale of how I bought my SawStop. It’s a 1.75HP professional cabinet saw, comes with the rolling base, and is pre-wired for 110v which is what my shop is wired for.

If the blade touches skin a brake is activated and the blade drops down under the table.

I’m STILL as giddy as a kid about it- no regrets thus far. It will be paid off and delivered at exactly the same time as when my shop space will be freed up- I’m delighted.  The SawStop’s finger saving technology of course was a huge plus, I will be just as careful using it as a normal table saw though. I’m also glad to report that the fit and finish are also top quality on the SawStop. I seriously can’t wait to start using it!

My tool buying spree won’t end there. I’ve decided that I NEED to have a planer and jointer and some form of dust collection. I’m going to be tracking down a jointer and planer next. Each still have the 110v limitation as I’m not rewiring the shop. There is also a space limitation in my future 8’x16′ shop. I’m considering a lunchbox planer with helical cutters to reduce noise and improve cut quality. I’m also considering  6″ jointers exclusively with small footprints and hopefully also helical cutters to reduce sound. As for dust collection, I may start a bit primitive, with a shop vac and a filter attached to a square fan(you know that old trick!). I’ll keep you posted on new developments.


One Response to “Table saw…check!”

  1. Sonya April 9, 2015 at 12:59 pm #

    I would really love to Sawstop’s contractor model, but even that it is simply too pricey for what is basically a hobby. I was toying with picking up a MasterCraft saw, but ended up getting a Bosch GTS1131 instead because of reliability and quality.

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