Employed but still yearning to be self employed

11 May

This was all part of the plan. This was all part of the…

The first weeks of my employment were difficult. My grand plan being to work for myself and working in industry was to be a stepping stone on the way. So, getting this job was all part of the plan, and yet I was feeling quite panicky about having to work for someone else. I didn’t want to follow other’s rules and build other’s designs. But now that some weeks have passed I have settled down a bit and while I’m confident that this job is a means to an end(or should I say beginning), I’m also feeling more confident that I’m fitting into the job and role that I have within the company.

First impressions and later realizations

I found my boss and co workers to be hyper perfectionists at first. I felt a little lacking, but I eventually realized that I still fell within their tolerances for the most part. It was revealed to me over time that they themselves were not as perfect as their expectations. I also realized that my boss would come off abrupt or brusque, but his intentions were never malicious. I’ve learnt not to take certain comments personally- I guess I can understand where he’s coming from, being a perfectionist myself. I focus on improving  my work.

My co-workers are nice and there seems to be a nice atmosphere. Everyone has a sense of humour, which is such a great benefit. I only  interact with them at lunch and on the rare occasion on the shop floor, as our shop is overly spacious. The company used to have more employees and has shrunk a bit in recent years.

I’m a professional woodworker now… do I stack up?

I make bracelets, prep vases, and have made some sculptures. So far I’m lucky to have had a varied work experience. It seems I never know what project I’m going to be assigned. This is wonderful and also  a bit stressful- as the unknown is reflexively more scary than the familiar. It’s also hard to know without repetition if I’m doing things fast enough. But at the same time I have my own safety as a priority at all times, so I go only as fast as I can. My boss did take a moment to tell me that I “have good hands”, so I take this to mean that I’m doing just fine.

The future- still there

I’m glad that I achieved yet another goal on my list. I’m sticking to the plan. As I work I am not only building a tool fund but gaining new insights on small business and building my woodworking experience. There have been some hiccups with the availability of my shop space, however I plan to have my shop running by late summer when the space will be mine all mine. I’m looking forward to it!

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