Developments on the shop front…

12 Mar

A “family meeting”  about the family  shop space that I want to set up shop in has changed my plans for the space significantly.

Meeting consensus:

The bad news

We’ve decided it’s not a good idea to part with any of the stuff IN the space. Since the shop space is the only place to store it all, there will not be much space to work with after all.

The good news

There is a secondary building 8’x 16′ next to the shop that has working electricity that I can use weekends- after August(once it’s cleared of storage)

I can still use a portion of the original shop space. In fact it will come in very handy during the period between now and August, when the secondary building frees up.

Plan changes blow-by-blow

BEFORE I was planning to get a job in industry to raise funds for all of my shop plans, and start woodworking on weekends

NOW Nothing has changed except my shop space will be smaller, so will need smaller machines

BEFORE I was planning to set up the shop slowly and build it up over time, as a permanent shop space

NOW I am going to use the space  as a temporary fix, and only on weekends

BEFORE I was planning to get the water damaged electrical in the shop looked at, and  rig it to have sufficient voltage and outlets

NOW I plan to just use the secondary building that is wired and heated for light duty shop tools and run extension cords into the shop for jobs that require more space (cutting sheet stock)

In light of all the plan changes, I’m actually quite okay with all of it, this will still be quite advantageous for me. I’ll have use of all the machines I listed in a previous post, plus the space for free during the time it takes to build funds and plan for the start of my business.

There definitely is a lesson to be learnt from these plan changes though. For those who also are looking for a shop space arrangement that works for them, it’s important to do your homework. It’s also important to roll with the punches, if things don’t go according to plan, don’t abandon your goals, instead adjust as best you can. Also keep back up plans. (for example, as a back up plan, I would rent shop time at a co-op in the city or join a shop that shares rent and tools)

Next course of action:

I’m going to start cleaning the shop as soon as I can ( August)  and purchase a bench-top planer and jointer. I can’t wait to start!

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